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Contact Us | Benton County Democratic Central Committee

Hotline: 509-987-5829

Mailing address: PO Box 636, Richland, WA 99352

Executive Committee Members
Position Name E-mail address
Chair     David Rose
Vice Chair     Misty Muchlinski
Treasurer     Stacy Cash-Ware
Secretary     Kendall Miller
State Committee Man     Doug McKinley
State Committee Woman     Kate Moran
Finance Committee     Stacy Cash-Ware
Organization Committee     Allison Dabler
Communications Committee    DeNomy Dage
Elections Committee Christine Brown

Heidi Hill
Labor and Commerce Committee Nicholas Bumpaous
Platform and Legislation Committee Charles LoPresti
Webmaster     Kendall Miller

Click here for a list of Precinct Committee Officers from the Benton County Auditor

Click here for the Updated PCO List